What If You Are Possible?

Hi friend!

Have you ever noticed that most of what we have learned and been taught in this world has been about what is NOT POSSIBLE?

From the time you were a little kid, people told you “No” when you wanted stuff, rather than coming up with a scenario filled with possibilities in which they could provide anything you desired.

They went the route of the IMPOSSIBLITIES and what they could deny you, which would validate what they were denied.

And so, alas you grow up from the very beginning in a world that seems impossible.

Crazy, right!

And what happens as a small child is, in order to make that reality of impossibilities occur, you had to twist out of existence what was actually true for you.

And use a huge amount of energy to twist into existence this reality of impossibility – which is not natural for you as a being!

YOUR possible was never acknowledged and enjoyed and seen as the gift that it is by others. Don’t be fooled.
YOUR POSSIBLE is an amazing gift!

That wide-eyed wonder you can choose to have and be, starts opening up this space of beauty and miracles.

What if your life and everything in it could be all about miracles?

What little miracles can you acknowledge now that would allow that to occur and allow your life to be miraculous again?

See, one of the biggest challenges is getting people and ourselves to realize the lightness and miracles that are possible.

And come to think of it, what if the whole idea that there are NOT miracles everywhere… IS NOT EVEN YOURS?!

What if all it takes is to simply: Ask.

Let go of the need to know how. Relax.

And actualize!


Let’s go!


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