What To Do When You Can't Visualize | Tour of Consciousness
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What if you don’t process the world the same way as anyone else? And, what if that was miraculous?

We started exploring this in a whole new way during my most recent Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB) class and it has continued to unfold in the classes since – IT IS A GAME CHANGER!

Each of us has our awareness and the way we process the world in a different way. It’s like a snowflake. But, how much have you been making yourself wrong for it?

What if you are so fast and unfathomable that no one else could ever describe or get it? What if you are unique, and that uniqueness is a gift, not a wrongness? Let’s try an exercise… would you like to play?

From my workspace in the lush vibrancy of El Lugar with all the birds singing their songs…


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