Radically Loved

Recently, I spoke with Rosie Acosta on her Radically Loved podcast. We discussed a variety of topics, about how I found Access Consciousness, gratitude for being alive, an awareness of possibilities, creating change, the Access tools, following our knowing, and more.

Please join us for this conversation, here.








What if the things that you perceive can change actually could change and exist? What are the possibilities we can embrace? And how can we actualize it?

What is true for you? Would you be willing to find out who you truly be? And what if you know what is true for you?

What if you could be the gift of you for you?  You are a gift on this earth that this world has been asking for.


P.S. For the full episode, please visit the Radically Loved podcast here.  It can also be listened to on SoundCloud as well here.

P.S.S. And in the podcast, Rosie mentioned different videos I’ve created to which she refers people.  To explore these free videos, please visit here.

P.S.S. I’m also super happy to announce, I just launched a new audio series (available via app) that’s filled with mini classes/tools that you can take anywhere called “You Got This!” For more information, I’d love to invite you to this page. What else is possible now?!