What if receiving is actually gifting?
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I would say many of you would really like to contribute to others — whatever that looks like for you. I know I do. It makes me incredibly happy when people receive from me. It is one of the greatest gifts someone can give me..really.

Now, what I also know is what an amazing contribution I can be too when I receive — whether it is from a person, an animal, the universe or…consciousness.

Truly, the simultaneity of gifting and receiving is one of the most magic flows in the universe.

Here is a video about that, and more, from beautiful California, USA:

What contribution would you be willing to receive today? And in that receiving, BE?

What if receiving is actually gifting?

Here’s the tool for today:
Ask: What contribution can I receive today that would make my life easier and more fun right away?

For more videos from me go here: www.youtube.com/user/drdainheer