What if caring were the core of you?
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Do you have a friend that is in total allowance of you? Who truly has no point of view whatever you choose and just keeps being grateful for you?

Have you noticed what an amazing space that opens up for you to be you?

Now, the funny thing is that one of the times when it can be tricky to actually be in allowance is when you CARE about someone.

Especially if you care A LOT.

See it isn’t always that easy to be in total allowance of somebody you love choosing to limit themselves, judge themselves and even hurt themselves.

In the beginning it can be ok… You try to talk to them, help them and show them that there is actually something different possible… But if nothing changes, that caring in you just don’t know what to do! It gets frustrating and you kind of want to shake that person you love to make them wake up and know how great they truly are!

Now, that may not be your best choice…

Here is a video about this:

Tools for today:
What if you had total allowance with the person’s choice? What if you had total trust in who they be — whatever that looks like?
 Would that open up a new space for them to choose?
What if your were willing to acknowledge how much you truly care? And what if you were willing to know that it will never ever go away, whatever they choose?

Does that open up a different space for you to be?

I know it has for me.

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