Reset to a New Reality
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Ever notice that the reality that was handed to you is based on a bunch of solid, limited blocks? That everything you create has to come from, go toward or get created by some combination of solid blocks based on judgment or some fixed point of view? This is OLD reality. Where everything you create has to start with a judgment, and come from polarity. What if your reality, a new reality, could be very different?  What if things are changing?

What if you are here to awaken a totally new reality?

That’s where we started on my new telecall The Reset of Everything. And, what we got to, in the first 90 minutes was … WOW.

Listen here for some WOW!

What if in this new reality you no longer have to be the effect of anything? What if limitations no longer had to exist? One of the greatest limitations that we buy into is time – “I don’t have time to do that.” What if time were no longer a limiting factor?

What if time, and also matter, are just “old reality” creations that limit us as infinite beings? What if in this new reality, you can function from the energy and space and consciousness you truly BE? Wouldn’t that be more fun?

Listen here for some more WOW!

What if you could go out in the world and create the new reality that you know is possible?  What would that change and create in the world?

You, my beautiful friends, are the energy of the possibility beyond limitation. You, being you, and choosing this new reality provides the energetic pathway that allows others to move past their limitations….and choose it too. That’s how you, being you, changes the world.

Is now the time to go beyond the old reality … and BE that which RESETS everything?

Just ask. You will always know.

Until next time :),


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