How to Be You AND Be With Your Family
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Here’s a vital piece of information that we are not given…

You choose your parents, you potent little baby!

Just check it out …

Does it make you feel lighter?

And trust me, I made a very interesting choice. My parents divorced when I was 2 and I grew up with my mom in a ghetto of Los Angeles and was exposed to many different types of abuse during that time.

What if instead of making yourself or your family wrong, you could ask questions to shift and change things? 

Here’s one of my favorites when it comes to family…

Ask the question – “What is the gift I’ve gotten from my family that I may not have acknowledged?”

The topic of family brings up a lot for people. And please know,  that I get that some of you would probably prefer going head to head with an angry lion than rocking the boat called FAMILY.

But what if there is something amazingly different possible with family? In total allowance, trust, vulnerability, gratitude, honor…and JOY?

That’s just one of the reasons I recently had a whole google hangout on the topic of being you with your family. You can watch the replay here:

What if rather than being stuck in the past, you could move forward and create a reality with your family that works for you?

You, my friend, are the invitation.


The join the free ongoing hangout series, go here:

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