Return Of The Gentleman On The Mindfulness Mode Podcast

In June, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Bruce Langford on Mindfulness Mode Podcast. In this podcast interview, I spoke about my book “Return of the Gentleman”, and what it means to be a gentleman.

We discussed some of the key things to which a man in the world today needs to pay attention. In addition, the conversation veered to awareness, what fear actually is, thoughts on bullies, the clearing statement, how it can be used in so many areas of one’s life, and so much more.

Please join this conversation here.


P.S. And for even more information about The Return of the Gentleman, please visit here.  It’s a start of a different possibility that we as men – and as women – can choose if we are willing to give up the stereotypes of men, and go beyond the points of views of this reality. Go here to find out more! 🙂