Return Of The Gentleman Revisited
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Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Jessica Higgins on the Empowered Relationship Podcast.  We discussed the Return Of The Gentleman, intimacy, and how to work through the judgements and expectations we carry with us. Please join me here as we discussed this and so much more!

ERP 183: The Return of the Gentleman with Dr. Dain Heer

Additionally, some of the topics we discussed were about…

  • What a gentleman is and what it means to be a holistic you.
  • Masculinity and how it appears in relationships.
  • The masculine and feminine traits that we all possess and embracing them in our lives.
  • How to look at the judgments, rules, and expectations we live by and work with them, so that you can connect with what is truly you.
  • Getting present with the secrets within yourself – “today’s secret is tomorrow’s lie.”
  • The five elements to intimacy.
  • Living your life without judgment and with gratitude, honoring, joy, and allowance.

What if we continued to see others in all our relationships through the eyes of possibility?


P.S. For even more tools and tips about this topic, please check out my book called Return of the Gentleman! It’s a start of a different possibility that we as men – and as women – can choose if we are willing to give up the stereotypes of men, and go beyond the points of views of this reality. Go here to find out more!

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