Running With The Universe
Author   Category Limitless Living

Today the molecules of my body were singing….

…with the water, the land and the trees…while I was running.

I know, it sounds a bit airy-fairy.

What if functioning from oneness is actually highly practical? What if it was one of the keys to making your life more fun, easy and magical?

Would you be willing to suspend all disbelief for the next 3 minutes?


Then here is a greeting from the symphony!  Join me as I talk about this more from beautiful New Zealand…

Imagine having no need to separate from anything. Imagine being at one with the trees AND your “evil” step-mother.

If you started every morning with being the space of everything around you, what would your day be like? What would open up in your life that you haven’t even been able to imagine yet?

What if you allowed the molecules in your body to sing? And if you allowed the molecules to resonate with the symphony of possibilities around you, what else would be possible?

Ok, off down the trail,


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