See Your Life As Great

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Have I got a tool for you today! What if (and hear me out here) for the next 24 hours, you could see your life as great?

Here’s how:
1.Look at what that you have been judging about your life and about what you don’t be, do or have and turn it 180 degrees.

For example: if you think you’re lazy, allow yourself to go: OMG, even with what I consider lazy, I’m still making ends meet and creating my life!

2. What if anything that’s not great in your life is not yours?
What if you could just assume: “Obviously that is not mine.”

We normally recommend asking the question “who does this belong to?” in this scenario!

(More about that tool here!)

For the next 24 hours, just assume that it is not yours.
Just KNOW that.

Now, what can you create from this space?