Show Me the Money! 10 Keys to Creating Wealth and Abundance

Regardless of your current financial situation, wealth and abundance are possible and YOU are the source for creating it!

Often we think that if we would just receive a large inheritance or win the lotto, then our money situation would be handled and we would be happy. Nothing wrong with receiving an inheritance or winning the lotto and… what else is possible? What could you do today to begin to change your money situation right away?

Here are 10 keys to transforming your financial reality starting today!
1) Create a 10% Account
Take 10% of every dollar you receive, set it aside as an honoring of you and don’t spend it – ever! At some point as you watch your account grow, your attention will actually come off of money. All of the stress you have with money will come out of your world. People who are truly wealthy are willing to HAVE money – not just spend it.

2) Carry Cash
Take the amount of money that a wealth person would carry and keep that on you at all times. What amount is that for you? How much money would you need to have in your wallet or in your purse to have that sense of being wealthy? Whatever that is for you, carry that amount with you and again don’t spend it.  Get used to having money and money will start flowing with more ease.

3) Start Asking Questions
When it comes to money, we tend to have this conclusion that this is reality and that’s it. We’ve walked in the same direction so long that we’ve worn a rut. When you ask a question, doors open up; there’s space and light and possibilities.

Ask, “What else is possible? What’s it going to take to change this? How does it get better than this?” And if you really want to change things quickly, use the clearing statement with your questions and watch things show up as if by magic!

For an explanation of the clearing statement please read here

4) What Will My Life Be Like In 5 Years?
If you wish to get clear on what your choices are creating, ask: “If I choose this, what will my life be like in 5 years?” And, “What will my life be like in 5 years if I don’t choose this?” These questions allow you to be aware of the energy of what your choice will create. You will have a sense of more joy and more ease with some choices and others will feel dense and heavy. Follow what’s light and joyful and money will follow!

5) Money Follows Joy
Many of us think that once we have our money situation “handled” then we will be happy. So we work hard with the hopes that someday we’ll be able to enjoy our lives. It’s actually the other way around. Choose to be happy now and money will follow!  So what’s fun for you? What makes you come alive? What fills you up and gives you that sense of joy and enthusiasm? Choose that now and watch your money increase!

6) Show Me the Money!
Say that three times. Show me the money. Show me the money. Show me the money!! And say, can I have the money now please? Keep saying that one too! Money is the thing that comes out at the end of performing a service. It’s basically the by-product. But you have to be willing to ask for it.

If you wish for people and the Universe to give you money, “Can I have the money now please?” is one of the best questions you can ask.

7) Acknowledge the Miracles that You’ve Created
In all areas – including money! As you put these tools into practice, you will truly create magic and miracles. Acknowledge them every time! Acknowledge that you were the source for the creation of that miracle. And then, go back to asking questions and create even more!

8) Every Wrongness of You is Actually a Strongness
Would you be willing to consider that the things that you have called the wrongness of you are actually the strongness of you? And what if you could use those things to create money? Start asking, “What’s right about me that I’m not getting?” And “How can I use this to create more?” Let go of the wrongness of you and limits are removed!!

9) What’s Easy for You?
The thing you do that’s the easiest for you, that you think has no value, is the thing that will make you the most money.
What is it you do that you think has no value, that people would actually pay you large amounts of money for? You think that because it’s easy for you, it’s easy for everyone else. Not true! What’s easy for you is NOT easy for everyone else. How can you use what’s easy for you to make you money?

10) One Hour A Day &  One Day A Week for You
If you wish to create wealth and abundance, you must be willing to receive! Receiving is not something we’ve been taught to do. When you choose to take time for you every single day, you start to become the space of receiving. As you become the space of receiving, your money increases as does your sense of wealth and abundance.

Are you ready to have money? Are you ready to live in wealth and abundance? Would you be willing to receive it?

As you begin to use these keys, you are changing the way you interact with money. When you change the way you interact with money, you change your experience with it. Recognize that you are not waiting for your circumstances to change. YOU are creating the change and you create it when you choose it.

Are you ready to choose it? Ask and you will receive… that powerful truth. So… Universe…Can I have the money now please?!


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