Creating Intimacy Beyond this Reality

The holidays are over. The New Year is here. This is about the time when many of us begin to recognize that we’ve already given up on those New Year’s resolutions that we set and promised we would keep. More reasons to judge ourselves.

Often times, our yearly “commitment to change” includes changing something with our body; losing weight, eating right or getting in shape; just to name a few. We start off ambitious, quickly lose steam and then conclude that something is wrong with us.

Would you be interested in a different possibility?

What if you stopped judging you and your body – completely? What if you had a kind, caring and nurturing relationship with your body?

There’s this little thing called intimacy. Intimacy is about closeness, togetherness, total kindness and total caring. The elements that create the energy of intimacy are honor, trust, vulnerability, allowance and gratitude. What if you had all of these elements with your body?

Many of us have tried and tried and tried again to come out of the judgments of our bodies. We’ve asked questions, we’ve processed, we’ve done everything we know to do and yet those darn judgments keep popping up.

What if choosing the elements of intimacy with our body could truly bring us out of judgment? You see, when we are choosing honor for our body, trust for our body, vulnerability, allowance and gratitude for our body, judgment is not in the picture. It simple cannot sustain or exist in the energy of intimacy.

There is an intimacy that goes beyond this reality. An intimacy that has a space beyond anything you can imagine with your cognitive mind and in this space exists a freedom, an ease and a space of BEING that perhaps you have longed for and somewhere always known was possible.

So right now, just think about what it would be like to have gratitude for every molecule of your body…

Now, imagine what it would be like for you to be honoring energetically. What energy, what space and what consciousness would be there if you were honoring every molecule in your body?

Imagine if you had total vulnerability with every molecule of your body.

Imagine if you had total allowance for every molecule of your body. And for everything that they’ve ever chosen; everything every molecule of your body has ever been, everything it’s ever done, everything it’s ever tried to do and everything it ever will do and be and choose.

And now imagine if you had total trust, in every molecule…in every atom…in every space between the molecules and every interaction of every one of those atoms in your body.

You might be saying, “I don’t know if I’m getting this.” Just read through this a few times. You’ll get it. It’s who you are.

So the aspects of this thing called intimacy is really in a sense energy, space and consciousness. And, this energy, space and consciousness is actually being.

For some of you, you may notice that when I bring up the aspects of intimacy (honor, trust, vulnerability, allowance and trust) with the molecules of your body, you want to go to sleep.  What if that’s actually coming out of resistance? What if that is a direct enough way, a specific present enough way, to truly come out of resistance to your body and resistance to embodiment?

So, what if, just for today, you didn’t have judgment of the wrongness of any molecule or atom? And, what if, just for today, you didn’t have any judgment of the molecules in your body. If you choose to eat ice cream, enjoy the ice cream and allow it to contribute to the joy of being alive. Don’t’ do it in resistance and reaction to the idiot’s in your life, the ones that want you to eat low fat stuff. That’s just the other side of the coin. Do it for the sheer joy of it. Even if no one else gets it.

You want to talk about creating a world beyond the confines of this reality? Living from no judgment, living for the joy of it, living from this place of, “If I were honoring every molecule in the universe and every atom in the universe and every sub-atomic particle of the universe and every space between the molecules of the universe, how would I be today? How would I choose to function today? What would I choose right away?”

You realize that what this does is it creates a space of being and a space of communion with everything around and with everyone around. In a way, nobody needs to be seen as wrong anymore. Nobody needs to be separated from, and nobody needs to be judged. Including you, including your body and including anything else that has any physical and energetic structure. None of it has to be judged or separated from anymore.

Willing to give it a try? Yes? Then welcome to creating intimacy beyond this reality. Truly a catalyst for change!