Simultaneous Synthesis

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2020 and 2021 were the perfect storm of two years where all of these things came together simultaneously and drastically shifted life on the planet collectively. My sense is that it all came together like that and is rippling out in such a way because we are desiring a different world that works for all of us, that includes all of us.

For me, I made a demand of myself…

I’m going to do something different here and create as much as I can and give people, not only hope, but a sense of possibilities.

You see everything we experience in this world is energy, and everything we experience has an energy to it. Yes, maybe read that again! :-).

Please join me as I discuss this further in this video from Istanbul, Turkey…

It wasn’t until I started understanding that energy is within all of us – that it’s our primary language, even our basic nature – that I realized, that really ANYTHING is changeable.  Most of the sense of drama, trauma, and the “impossibles” in the world occur because none of us have been taught the language of energy.

What if that language is more required than ever now?


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