Six Myths Debunked About Being You
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I often talk about what being you is all about. This time I would like to talk about what it is NOT.

Let me introduce you to six myths about being you!

Join me as I discuss this more in depth in this video…

1. Being You is not about getting you right — it is about embracing your strongness instead of your wrongness!

2. Being You is not about finding you — it is about creating you as you truly would like to be. Every day!

3. Being You is not about being normal —it is about being willing to know that you are one of the WEIRDEST creatures on the planet!

4. Being You is not about being liked — it is about being fully alive and gifting your unique weird into the world!

5. Being You is not about proving anything — it is about relaxing into the magical energy of being.

6. Being You is not about the Kingdom of Me — it is about acknowledging the amazing contribution that you are the Kingdom of We!

Who are you beyond these myths? Who do you desire to be? Who can you create yourself as that you haven’t even imagined possible yet? And is now the time?

Are you ready to gift your unique weirdness with the world?!

Dain Heer

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