Stop Battling the Past - Dr Dain Heer on Fox News
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Have you ever gotten stuck in rut and didn’t know how to break free? Has something happened in your past that seems like it’s stopping you from moving forward?

If you have the right tools, I believe there’s nothing you cannot change.

Here are a few tools to get you started:

1. Ask: “How does it get any better than this?” Questions always open the door to another possibility. This question will make a bad situation better and a good situation even better.

2. Make a Demand: No matter what it takes, this is going to change.

3. Ask: “What is it going to take to change this?

4. Get a sense of the energy: If this changed, what would that be like….

5. Take action! Follow the steps that are required to change this. What step can you take today?

Here’s a replay clip of a conversation I had on FOX News in Chicago, Illinois about “How to Stop Battling Your Past.”

What one step can you take today to go beyond your past?