Out of the wonk and into the happy with Dr. Dain Heer

We’ve all had mornings when we would really just like to sleep in and sleep on–forever. Mornings where not even a kiss from the most stunning prince or princess could get us to open our eyes voluntarily.

Here’s the tool for those kinds of mornings:

Keep some reminders on yellow sticky notes around your bed.

On the first one, write: WHO DOES THIS BELONG TO?

On the second one write: Universe, please show me something beautiful today?

Now, the third sticky note needs to be a bit bigger. On this one, please start compiling a list of things, that when you do them, make you…happy!

This is what I’d really like to talk to you about today: How to get out of the wonk and into the HAPPY.

Greetings from amazing, beautiful Costa Rica:

Did that make you smile? I so hope it did!

Please just remember the following:
You know what makes you happy! No one else does. (My list would not help you very much…) Please find out what makes YOUR heart sing!

You actually have to choose to GET OUT OF BED and do one of the things on that list…. Just reading about it is not enough. It is the joy in action that dissolves the wonk!

Go forth and be happier than anyone around you can handle!

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