Stop Defending and Start Living
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Today I’d like to dive into judgment. Let’s start with just the word RIDING, a nice little word with a godzillion connotations…

For example if I say “I’m going to ride my motorcycle” notice it creates a different energy than “I’m going to ride my white horse” or even better “ride my white stallion”

Notice how a few of those words push one or two buttons? And, create something in your mind?

However rosy and glittery or bitter and blasé that creation is — that is judgment. Any judgment, positive or negative stops you from knowing what is true for you and what is actually possible!

Would you like to change that? Here’s the Part Two of a three part video series on living beyond judgment:


How many barriers do you have around you to shut out the world? The time has come for us to stop shutting out the world. The time has actually come for us to start embracing the world from a different place that has a lot less judgment in it.

Here’s the tool for today:
Who or what are you defending for or against that if you didn’t defend for or against it would allow you to have and be all of you as you truly be?

Then run the clearing statement. For more on the Access Clearing Statement you can go here