For the Joy of Living
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One of the things I finally come to realize is how very much I like things that go FAST.  Ever notice how fast talk? Yeah, faster than that. It makes my body happy and makes my whole being  go Who-Hooooo!

I now have a new fast friend: a motorcycle.

Oh! I can hear some of you go: “Eeeeeek!” in your head. That’s perfect and that’s exactly what I will address in this video I’m sharing with you today. The reaction we have all created around some things in our life that stop us from the JOY that we could truly have.

How many points of view do you have that have nothing to do with what is actually true for you?

What’s stopping you from adding more joy to your life? Are you willing to have the intensity of joy in your life?

If you’re willing to look at this, here’s Part 1 of a 3 part video series on going beyond judgment to create more joy in our lives:


Here’s the Tool for Today: What is it that you would do just for the joy of it, that because nobody else does it for the joy of it, you won’t even consider it or have stopped doing it? And, start doing it!