Stop the Judgment and Self-Criticism

Judgment is killing you. As well as creating negative feelings, judgment affects your physical wellbeing in very real ways; inducing depression, anxiety and disease.

Judgment is an inherited habit, not a natural human attribute. We came into this world wide-eyed with wonder, and accepting of everything. We are taught to judge the situations and people in our lives as either right or wrong. Because of this, the habit of judgment can be un-learned.

These are five simple things you can do to end the negative self-talk and stop the judgment

  1. Spend Time With People Who Do Not Judge – Remove judgement from your environment and from your mind.
  2. Spend More Time in Nature – There is no judgement in nature.
  3. Move Your Body – Exercise increases the endorphins and lymphocytes in your system, negating the depressive effects of self-judgment.

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