Stopping Defending and Starting Living
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I am back with my Motorcycle Diaries… This time, we’re going to dive a bit deeper into that judgment thing…

Let’s start with just the word RIDING. Nice little word with a gazillion connotations…

For example, if say that “I am going to ride my motorcycle” does that create a different energy than if I say “I am going to ride my horse”? Especially if I add that I am going to “ride my white horse” —- no even better “ride my white stallion”.

Notice that those few words push one or two buttons? And create something in your mind?

However rosy and glittery, or bitter and blasé that creation is—– that is judgment! And any judgment, positive or negative, stops you from knowing what is true for you and what is actually possible!

Ready to start getting out of that?

Join me as I discuss this further…

Who or what are you defending for or against that if you didn’t would allow you to have all of you, as you always desired to BE?

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