Superhero or Poo? You Choose.
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Let’s talk about your vibe. Or rather what vibe you are CHOOSING to be.

Are you vibrating like an (annoyingly) happy person who can change the world with a flick of your little finger? Or are you vibrating like a little pile of poo in the corner?

What if it is the vibe that you choose that invites the reality you create and live in?

And what would be possible if you were willing to step into a whole Symphony of vibes that can create a brand new world?!

Join me as I discuss this further here…

There is a space of symphonic HAPPY that we can choose where everything around us starts to change! When you’re truly joyful, there is a movement of energies, a constant swirling: nothing is solid anymore.  In that space, you become like a superhero in one of those movies you know (and love)!

Your vibration of joy is a symphony so loud that the solidity of reality cannot maintain itself anymore.

Is now the space to be that?

If yes, consider joining me in one of the next two Symphony of Possibilities Classes? Find out more here:

What if you are the swirling symphony of possibilities this world requires?

See you soon?
Dain Heer

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