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What Destroys Confidence?

Author   Category Limitless Living

If you peruse the internet looking for information on what it takes to be confident, you will find images of perfection and messages that impel that if you have this haircut, wear this cologne or drink this beer, then you are attractive, and then you…Read More

Live Beyond Limits

Author   Category Limitless Living

For many of us, early on in life we decided that we were too much and we did all that we could to shrink ourselves down to a size that was acceptable to the world around us. We mimicked what we saw in others. We…Read More

Wake Up Every Day Truly LOVING Your Body

Author   Category Body Talk

Have you underestimated or avoided the capacity for joy that you can have with your body? What if now was the time to make a new commitment? Imagine waking up every morning really happy and grateful for your body, and excited about what you could create with…Read More