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kindness for body

3 Ways to Shift Your Energy

Author   Category Limitless Living

Are there things about your body that you’d like to be different? Have you tried all kinds of things to create change, but none of them seem to work the way you want?  Perhaps what your body is really asking for is kindness. What if…Read More

Being Kind To Yourself

Author   Category Limitless Living

Today I am taking you to the rolling hills of Texas, USA. And yep, I am wearing a cowboy hat again. It is one of those days. I’d like to talk to you about being kind…to you.  And I’d like to talk to you about…….Read More

Kindness Saved My Life

In honor of Suicide Prevention, I’m sharing my personal journey of how kindness saved my life. I had a seemingly perfect life when I decided to end it all. Years later, I am determined to save lives through one simple thought: the pursuit of perfection…Read More

Love Your Body In 3 Steps

Author   Category Limitless Living

What if there are simple steps to appreciate and enjoy your body every day? Imagine waking up every morning, happy and grateful for your body, excited about what you could create with it each day! Your body truly is your best friend, if you let it…Read More

Kindness For Your Body

Author   Category Limitless Living

What if light touch with total presence can be so nurturing as to invite change and healing in a body, if done with kindness and caring, with total presence and no judgment? When was the last time your body was touched like that? When was…Read More