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In Access Consciousness we talk a lot about this weird, strange, awkward thing called CHOICE!

One of the things that truly changed my whole life, is when I discovered that choice creates awareness — awareness does not create choice.

That does spin your head a bit, right? 🙂

What if there are no perfect choices? What if you didn’t have to defend any choice you’ve ever made?
What if every choice you ever made is just a way to get you to greater awareness?

Here’s  video with the tools to actually allow you to know that you have total CHOICE!

So, again, here are the tools for today:

1) What if you didn’t have to resist change anymore? What if change were actually the creation of something greater … always? How many other people’s points of views have you bought about change that aren’t actually yours?

2)  What if every choice was only good for 10 seconds? What else could you choose? What other choices would you have available?

And please know, choice is one of the most potent things on Earth. If you truly acknowledge that YOU HAVE CHOICE, you’ll change everything!

Please let me know if the tools create a change in your world AND be sure share it with your friends! We’ve got a world to change!

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