Unlocking The Pretense
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You know when you’re a teenager and you pretend you don’t care and that things don’t matter at all when really, to you, they REALLY REALLY DO!

Now, when you get into your 20s, you’re over all that, right? Sure you are….

At that age, we’re supposedly mature enough to know when things matter and not. And if they do, we supposedly do something about it — like change it… We are way to wise to align or agree or resist and react to ANYTHING.

Right? 🙂

Are there sometimes still things in your life that are meaningful to you while you pretend to yourself and others that they’re meaningless?

That is what today’s tool & video is about – The Shorts. Where you make things meaningless that actually matter to you and how to change it:

So my friends, what in your life are you making meaningless, that actually isn’t, that is actually creating frustration in your life that doesn’t have to be there?

Let’s not get stuck in the pretense. Know what you know, my friend!

And here is the cool part: Once you truly acknowledge what matters to you in this 10 seconds, then you can CHANGE IT! It is that easy.

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