The Earth & You
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Myself and Access Consciousness present The Earth & You … a special event on Earth Day 2022!

What else is possible and what we can contribute to this beautiful planet of ours?

Join me as I have a discussion about this special day.  And also, I have a gift of an Energetic Synthesis of Communion session for you… Enjoy!!!!

In case you had more questions about the Energetic Synthesis of Communion, the ESC.

Here’s a little bit more about it:

Communion is the energy, the sense of peace that is possible when we are connected to everyone and everything, including the earth. What if you are more like the earth – undefinable and unpredictable – always a new energy, and always looking for something more to explore?  That space is the indescribable energy of the ESC!

I hope you enjoy this exploration as much as I did.  What else is possible now, my friends?!  And what else is possible now with you and the earth?!

Dain Heer

P.S. To explore more possibilities with the Earth:

And go here to find out more about the ESC:

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