The Gift of Touch
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What if I told you that your body desires and requires touch way more than you might be willing to consider? (and I am not talking about making-out or having sex!)

I am talking about the gift a truly caring and nurturing touch can be. A soft stroke on your cheek or a light hand on your lower back can make your whole body relax in a split second. Especially if that touch comes with no point of view and absolutely no investment in the outcome.

It is quite amazing really; we’ve been given this beautifully easy way to contribute to each other and our bodies and yet somewhere, somehow, the art of conscious touch has been lost.

What is touch?

It is basically a transfer of energy, a simultaneous gifting and receiving. Try to give somebody a hug without receiving one. You actually can’t. It’s the same way with touching a body!giftoftouch

Now, there have been studies on orphans where they found that if a baby doesn’t get touched, it literally dies. It has no thriving possibility in its world. Our adult bodies may be bigger, and here is the thing, they still require and desire touch to thrive.

What happens when you touch a body is you bring both bodies to more life and living. Touch is the nurturing, the kindness, and the caring that our bodies so seldom get to receive. So many of us have learned that touch as adults is only allowed in connection with sex, and because of that we have cut it out of all other areas of our lives.

What we need to realize is that our bodies don’t function from the same judgments that we, the beings, have learned to be real and true.  The body doesn’t actually have the point of view that touch has to lead somewhere or be delivered by the perfect person. Our bodies are like, “Touch? Okay. Yes. Thank you so much.” Kind of like how animals function, ever notice?

Imagine if you could start to listen to your body’s point of view? What your body is trying to tell you about what it eats, what it wears and how it would like to be touched? Here’s a recent Google Hangout on this very topic!

What would it be like if you could BE the energy of kindness, caring, presence and no judgement with every body you come into contact with, including yours?

Is now the time?

Dain Heer

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