What If Needs are Not Real
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I think many of us have developed a seventh sense for…needs. We’re continuously aware of the needs around us, our own and others, spoken or unspoken. And we’ve been taught to make them very, very VALUABLE. Right now, in my point of view, needs rule this reality. 

Now…imagine if none of that was true. 

Ok, take a minute and really do that. What if none of all those needs you’re aware of are…real? At all. 

What if making needs valuable is what actually stops us all from creating the world that is truly possible?

Imagine if we could create a world that was created from what we truly desire instead?

That is what this video is about. Come along to Jaipur, India! 

(And yep, that is me on that elephant!)

Your tool for today:

Ask: What invention are you using to create the need you are choosing? Everything that is, times a godzillion, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right&wrong, good&bad, POD&POC, all9, shorts, boys& beyonds*

There is a freedom in functioning beyond needs that when YOU choose it, actually opens that possibility for everyone around you. 

Are you willing to give that a go?

Is now the time?


*If you’ve never heard of the Access Clearing Statement go here