The Potency of Allowance

Have you ever wondered what else is truly possible? WHAT IF YOU COULD FREE YOUR MIND, STRESS AND ANXIETY – even if you think you’ve tried everything? >>

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Today I am giving you my best shot at presenting a different perspective on allowance.

It really isn’t the same as acceptance.

And it really really isn’t being a doormat.

Allowance is a more potent agent of change than most people ever realize.

Would you be willing to add this to your tool-box? It may be exactly what is required at this time, in our world?

I admit, this is not an easy tool or concept to put in words. I am not sure I succeed in this video.

And isn’t always an easy way to choose to BE; in total allowance.

Play with it a bit, practice, try it out, see what it can change for you?

I still do, everyday.