The Power Of You
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What are you that you have not dared to know?

…Maybe pulling back the curtain and allowing yourself to know IT ALL is actually what you’ve been asking for….

What if today is the day we allow ourselves to choose beyond that?

It is a courageous choice.

If you had none of these limitations, you’d have so much instantaneous power…. And that is so much of what we avoid.

Now is our space…

Join me as I discuss this more here….

There is a space beyond every limitation and point of view.

How much more undefined are you will willing to be? Are you willing to have the freedom of no definition?

That’s truly where the freedom is: in no definition and no judgment.

What if you could have an awareness of what truly is you and have that as a litmus test for knowing what you would like to choose?

Dear earth…
Dear world…
Dear Universe….
We are here, and we are asking to truly be us.

Now is our space…. to be us!


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