There's a WAVE coming!
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Have you ever wondered what WE, acoustically vibrating as us, symphonizing TOGETHER as a global wave, would sound like?

Feel like?

Be like? And create?

Well, we are about to find out again, with our third 24hr Global Symphony Wave coming up this month!

If you’ve been on the wave before, taken a class, or received a Symphony session, you may have a sense of the change, possibilities, and the wonder we can be TOGETHER; and what that can create in the world and for the future…

That said, the wave is never the same. And you joining it changes EVERYTHING. (I know, weird, huh? That is how potent you are!)

What else is possible now, from the space we are at this very moment in time?

I will kick the whole wave off, on May 16th at 10am Houston time. Then the Symphony Advanced Practitioners will keep it going from all over the world for the next 24 hours!

Go here to join the symphonic journey!

Warmest regards,

Dain Heer

P.S. What is the Symphony of Possibilities? Go here to find out more.