Think Wildly, Look Normal, BE Weird - Dain Heer
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A 95 year old friend once advised me ‘One must learn to think wildly and look normally.’  Brilliant!  This is how you get to be as weird and wild as you truly be without anyone ever noticing!  How much fun could you have?

Have you noticed how many spiritual people act strangely or differently so that everything about them is significant and superior to those they come in contact with?  Have you noticed that most of these people don’t ever really create much change in the world?

What if you could create a different possibility that would invite people into your universe, rather than scaring them away? What if you could still be weird, and have everyone’s judgments work FOR you?

What if you could be whatever energy is required to be a true catalyst for change?  Here are a few ideas on thinking wildly and looking kinda normal… shhhhh yes I know you’re a weirdo… but I promise I won’t tell…

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