What if being different isn’t a wrongness?
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Have you ever noticed how much energy you put into not being bored? Are you aware you are just a little bit different to most of the people you know?   How much of that ‘I will not be bored!’ energy is a total resistance to how other people say things ‘should be done’? Are you a little done with making yourself wrong for wanting something different?

Today’s audio is from a Being You, Changing the World taster evening.  It has a clearing that will give you more of you as you choose more of the difference you BE! (And if you play it lots of times, you’ll probably feel a whole lot less wrong!)

[audio:http://drdainheer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Blog-1-Being-Different.mp3|titles=Blog #1 Being Different]

Would you be willing to have the greatness of you?