Tools For Having A Happy Life
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If you would like to live your life with a sense of satisfaction and happiness, it is available. Right now. Start by making the choice to commit to your life, and then choose the happiness that is available. Here are three pragmatic tools that will empower you to find your happy.

1.  Start a Gratitude Journal

What we acknowledge grows bigger. When you start to focus on the things that you are grateful for, more of those things show up. A great way to be more aware of all of the amazing gifts in your life is to start a gratitude journal and actually write them down.

Each day, write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for. Include what you are grateful for about you. The first few days it will be easy. You will write down the things you are obviously grateful for. After a few days, you will have to look beyond what you are currently aware of. As you do, you will begin to see that your life is filled with gifts all around. The air you breathe. The beauty of the nature around you and so much more. Focus on gratitude. Gratitude grows.

2.  Don’t Take on Other People’s Stuff

The thing that changed my life dramatically, from wanting to die to living happily, is a little question I heard, “Who does this belong to?” We are all very aware of the people around us. If we have people around us that are depressed, we often feel depressed.  And then, we think that we are depressed; when, in reality, we are just aware of others.

The next time you notice thoughts or feelings of sadness, loneliness, frustration, overwhelm, stop and ask, “Who does this belong to?” When you ask this question, if things get lighter in your world, those thoughts and feelings are not actually yours. You are just aware. You can simply say, “Return to sender.” This allows the negativity to dissipate.

3.  Practice Asking Questions

Often, in our search for happiness, we look for answers. We have been taught that the right answer, the right decision, is a key to happiness. Answers and conclusions actually keep something greater from showing up. So instead of coming to conclusion about what is happening in your life, ask questions and invite new possibilities.

Here are some examples of conclusions that can be replaced with questions.

Rather than saying, “This situation is so bad” or “Wow, this situation is amazing”, ask “How does it get any better than this?” This triggers your unconscious self to make an unpleasant situation better, and an uplifting situation even greater.

Instead of believing that you are a victim to life and that happiness is given or taken, ask “Do I want to be right, or do I want to be happy?” This empowers you to realize that happiness is a choice and can be called upon at any time.

Instead of saying “I am stuck” or “I quit”, ask “What else is possible I have never considered?” This triggers your unconscious awareness to look for the various solutions and possibilities available to you.

Research has shown that curious people – those who are constantly asking questions and looking for new possibilities – tend to enjoy higher levels of positive emotions, lower levels of anxiety, more satisfaction with life, and greater psychological well-being. What if you started asking more questions, and inviting more curiosity and possibilities?

Happiness is a choice. No one else can choose it for you. No one can take it away from you. So, if you want to find your happy…choose.


P.S. For the full article, you can go to The Good Men Project.