Tour of Consciousness Holiday Edition Revisited!
Author   Category Limitless Living

It’s that time of year again! Happy Holidays everybody!

If I could invite you to anything this time of year, it would be to acknowledge how aware you are. Here’s a mash-up of holiday-inspired Tour of Consciousness moments…

Tools to Play With:
🌟Is my level of awareness exceeding my level of allowance?
🌟What will it take to increase my level of allowance?
🌟How many inventions of me am I using to create the “me” with family I am choosing?
🌟What leader are you refusing to be, that you truly could be choosing to be, that if you would choose it would change everything for the greater for you and everyone around you?
🌟Play with expanding your space.

Thank you so much for being on the planet and for being the gift that you are!  I hope you have a beautiful holiday season. 🙂


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