Tumultuous Times?

What if the tumultuous events around the world are a call to action?

For all of us.

What if now is the time to step up even MORE?

The insanity of the world just seems to be growing… I know, I agree. It is…everywhere.

And yet, I would say it seems like it is everywhere since we – with our different choices – you, me and more and more people around the globe – are shining a light on the craziness. On the unconsciousness. On the anti-consciousness

What choice can you make that will bring peace, calm and awareness where other people may not even know it exists?

What tuning fork can you be that will re-tune our world to oneness? What tuning fork of possibilities are you that you haven’t acknowledged?

Be who you are and know what you know, my friend!

It takes all of us.

Hate is not the answer.


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