Utopia or a Conscious Planet?

Have you been seeking your own personal nirvana or utopia? What if you asked for a conscious planet instead? Could that be a little easier to create?

You know you want something different, right? What if you asked this question: “What can I do or be different that would allow us to create a sustainable living earth for the next 10,000 years?”

And then you could ask: “If the entire world was up to me what would I choose?” You don’t have to know how it’s all going to show up, you just need to choose! How is not the question! You just have to make the demand that it change!

I had quite a bit more to say about this at the Los Angeles ‘Being You, Changing the World – The Beginning’ class… and there’s a really cool clearing about the ‘how’ on here too!


So, if you could create anything starting tomorrow, what would it be? Oh yeah… do you know how you get there? If you get rid of every single point of view and have everything as just an interesting point of view you’ll start to sense what’s possible!