What if every wrongness of you is actually a strongness of you?
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Hello beautifuls!

My European “Being You” tour is just getting started – and I’m soooo excited!

If you would have told me 13 years ago that today I’d be touring Europe facilitating classes in changing the world…I would have laughed in your face…if I wasn’t too busy crying : -)

13 years ago all I could see was the wrongness of me. If that sounds familiar to you, here’s the tool for today “What’s the strongness here I’m not acknowledging?”

Here’s a video of me saying hello from London, and more on this tool:


So, here’s the tool for today again: What if all the areas of your life where you’ve decided you are weak or wrong, you actually have a strength available that you haven’t acknowledged?

What if you have a strongness in the area of relationships?
What if you have a strongness in the area of money?
What if you have a strongness in the area of bodies?

Look at any area you feel wrong and ask “What is the strength, the capacity, the strongness here that I’m not acknowledging?” You don’t need to know an answer from a cognitive place. When you ask the question, you start to change it. Just acknowledging there’s a difference there will start to shift it when you look from this place.

Thank you for the gift you are to the world. What else can we create together? How does it get any better than this?

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