Valuing Your Being Over Your Mind
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What if judgment does not have to create our reality anymore?  Strangely enough, when we stop our mind controlling everything, we finally have space and the possibility for a whole new reality to show up.

You the being are far greater than your mind can ever be!  Yes… I know this sounds a little weird.  This reality has made our mind into the greatest of gods…our minds are worshipped at the expense of every other sense. 

What if we have actually got this a little confused?  What if there is another possibility?  What if you, the being, has the keys to creating the greatness you have always been looking for? 

Please know what’s true for you will always make you feel lighter… so when you read this, do you have more space or less?  More ease or less?  More excitement or less?

What if this could be true for you?  How different could your world be if you were to start allowing your being to create your reality?  How unlimited could you be?  How much fun could you have? 

Find out more here…(and don’t think too hard before you press play!)

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