Vulnerability in the Face of Judgment
Author   Category Limitless Living

What if you could be totally vulnerable in the face of judgment?

Have you ever noticed that when you truly choose to have and be you, people get uncomfortable? And have you noticed that when somebody is uncomfortable, you will do anything to try to make them less uncomfortable? Even if it that means that you bend, fold, staple and mutilate you.

What is that? It’s their uncomfortableness; not yours. What if you could allow them to have it and didn’t cut off any part of you in order to try and fix it?

Let’s take this even one step further. What if uncomfortableness is a gift? I know that may not fit anywhere in your current paradigm. But let’s look at it. Consider your own life. Ever notice that when things start getting super uncomfortable, you are on the verge of creating a new space in your world that has never before existed? And, have you noticed that when you are uncomfortable, amazing things start to show up?

What if being uncomfortable is not something to be avoided at all costs, but rather, a contribution and an invitation to something greater?

Here’s the thing. When you choose to have and be all of you, you become a tremendous invitation to the people who are asking for change, to those who are looking for something greater. And, when you choose to have and be all of you, people who are not choosing something greater have no idea what to do with you. It makes them uncomfortable. And when people are uncomfortable, they have to judge you and make you wrong.

So what if you didn’t react to those judgments – ever again? What if you could see them for what they are? What if you could truly get that judgments are not real?

The only thing that sticks you in the face of judgment is your resistance to them. So what if the next time you’re aware of judgment, rather than resisting, defending or fighting against it, you chose to lower your barriers and be vulnerable? And what if the next time you’re aware of people’s uncomfortableness, rather than trying to make them feel better, you chose to stand and be present with all of your capacities and all of your potencies and didn’t try to hide or pretend they didn’t exist?

If you could be as talented, as brilliant, as potent and as amazing as you truly are, and not cut off any part of you ever again, how limitless could you be? How unstoppable could you be? And if you chose to live your life with no walls and no barriers even in the face of judgment and even in the face of controversy, how much more fun could you have? Have much more can you enjoy waking up every day?

Here’s a question you can ask. What can I be and how can I be in the world to live most fully as me and be the contribution I can truly be and create a difference in this world and in this reality?

Are you ready to create a difference in the world by fully being you? Are you ready to choose you?