What if vulnerability is the key to greatness?
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Success and greatness from vulnerability? Say what? For many of us, vulnerability is something we have avoided. We have bought the point of view that, “If I’m vulnerable, I will be hurt, people will take advantage of me and I will in some way lose.”

What if that weren’t true? What if vulnerability was something totally different than what we have decided it is? What if vulnerability actually gives you access to the gifts, talents and abilities which are truly you, thereby allowing you to succeed?

Vulnerability is the place where you exist with no barriers, no walls. It’s the place of total potency, total power, total capacity; in contrast to what you’re told. It’s actually the place where you see the greatness of somebody else and you’re willing to have them be it, and you don’t try to detract them from it, and you also can be the greatness of you.

I’d like to share something with you. Here’s a 7 minute video highlighting moments from the “Vulnerability in the Face of Fame” event filmed in Tampa, Florida November 2013 with my friend Ricky Williams

See, this reality tells us that in order to be somebody in this world, in order to be successful and to be important, in order to win and not lose, in order to benefit, we have to create an image. An image is something that you portray, that you try to get people to see you as, which is actually the antithesis of vulnerability.

Here’s the trouble with image, when you create anything based on an image, whether it be family, business, relationship, money, fame, your body, or anything else, in order to maintain and uphold these things, you have to maintain and uphold your image. You have to uphold the image in order to have what you created from that image. And truly, vulnerability is saying, “Enough of the image! Enough of the fame! Enough of the money! I don’t care if I have any of this anymore. I’ll have ME NOW!”

Are you willing to let go of the image you have created and to truly have you? Are you willing to step into a new level of vulnerability with yourself? Anything that doesn’t allow you to have that vulnerability in the face of everything, will you now allow yourself to let it go? Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POD, POC, All Nines, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

I wonder what choosing to have vulnerability in the face of everything will create?

Interested in seeing the whole “Vulnerability in the Face of Fame” video? You can purchase your copy here!

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