Welcome to International Being You Day 2022
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Welcome to International Being You Day!

Celebrated May 22 annually by people all over the world, exploring and discovering the gift of their unique differences!

The gift of who we are and what WE ALL are capable of when we tap into the power of being us is IMMENSE.

What would this world look like, and how could it be different, if we all had the freedom to truly BE?

Enjoy this video invitation to this year’s celebration below.

And keep your eyes on this playlist as more videos will be added starting in May!


Additionally, join our interactive telegram thread (https://t.me/beingyouday) to connect with others celebrating the gift of truly being us. You will get notified about new content; and, in addition, find hourly challenges created for you to go out and experience the difference that being you creates in the world!

Grateful for you being in the world,


P.S. What’s next for you? Go to http://www.beingyouday.com to celebrate, discover and explore more!

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