What Are You Here To Change?
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The world has changed.

Over the past couple years, we have experienced one of the greatest RESETS in our lifetime.  Time stood still while many waited for “normal” to reappear. And others set out to create a totally different reality. Some made choices that they weren’t ready to make. Others took the time to reflect and reprioritize.

What if that slate has been wiped totally clean and instead of asking to create a “new normal”, you asked: What could you create that could never be considered normal?

The time is NOW my beautiful friends. I know you’ve heard me say this before… and it was as true then as it is NOW!  There’s never a better time than NOW to create the reality we know is possible!

As we re-emerge into living again, a lot of us are asking “What now?”

My ask is that we activate our capacities to create this new world, never desperately seeking normal ever again.

What can we be and explore that hasn’t been explored before?  What doors are now open?  What change are we asking for that we can now actualize?  And what if we could have ease with all of it?

Thank you for all you chose over the past couple years, for not giving up, and for asking for greater. Greater is afoot my friends. Let’s do this!

What can you choose today, no matter how big or small, to step into being the leader of consciousness you truly be?

With gratitude and excitement,

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