What Does Your Body Know?
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What does your body know? About itself, about you, about consciousness, life, and the universe?

What would happen if we started to ask it?

And listen to the answers it whispers back?

In this episode of “Feeding The Wolf Of Possibilities”, I got to speak with the amazing Katarina Wallentin about tools for having more communion with your body.  Please join us here for this lively discussion!

This is an episode for you and for your body!



What if there is nothing your body does that is against you? What if everything your body does is for you?

And what if so much more is possible when you are in communion with your body and being?

Grateful for you and your amazing body,


P.S. For the full episode of Feeding the Wolf of Possibilities podcast, please visit here.

P.S.S. And for more information about body whispering and the new Body Whispering book I have out, please visit here. I’m excited for you to explore more with your body!