What If Everything You Think Is Wrong About You is Actually a Strongness?

What if your strength lies in the difference of you?

And what if your strengths lie in what you thought was wrong with you?

Join me as I discuss this with my good friends Megan Hill, Sarah Grandinetti, and Emily Russell…

So what if your wrongness is your strongness?  And what is the difference of you that creates so much in the world?

And if we could have no sense of wrongness for what each of our strongnesses are, how much more fun would we have?

How would I like to be in the world?


P.S. This discussion with me and my guests was aired live during the first ever International Being You Day on May 22, 2021. Find the entire livestream from the day and discover, explore and celebrate the gift of being you at http://beingyouday.com

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