What If It Doesn't Belong To You?
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Here’s a brief visit back in time from the canals of Venice, where I discuss a tool that is such a gift during these immense times of change.

You, my friend, are way more psychic than you ever wanted to know! You’re actually like a big radio receiver and you pick up everything that goes on around you.

What if I told you that 98% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions actually don’t belong to you? They’re not yours! They’re just something you are aware of.

Join me while I discuss this more in Venice!

So any time you get heavy, try asking this:

Who does this belong to?

If whatever thought, feeling or emotion you have lightens up at all or goes away, it wasn’t yours in the first place. Now, you can’t actually change something that isn’t yours. So just return it to sender and start perceiving what is true for you.

What would your life and reality be like if you stopped judging you?

What if you are one of the greatest rightnesses the world has ever seen?

And what if everything you know is possible on those light happy mornings actually…is?

Grateful for you!

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