What if we ARE the world?

When a devastating event occurs in our world, like the recent shootings in Connecticut, or when something tragic occurs in your own life…that’s when these tools I share with you are beyond helpful. What are the tools of Access Consciousness for, if not to use in the trenches?

When everyone else is running around freaking out, acting like there’s no anchor for them and going into the trauma and drama that never actually changes anything…these tools give you a different perspective and a different possibility. They give you a different sense of peace when everyone else feels like they’re going crazy. The beauty of that is, when you function from that sense of peace, when you have a different awareness, you become a rock that lets others know that there’s a different possibility available.

In this video, I’ll share more tools on how to create consciousness in any situation:

So my friends, what if we lived in a world where, if anybody saw the warning signs, or noticed bullying, or abuse or violence, they had the tools to create consciousness and awareness in the situation?

What if, what this was, was an invitation to make the demand that we truly create a world where no one would ever consider choosing this? What if it’s an invitation and a demand that we actually start using the tools to create the consciousness we’re here to create? What if NOW is truly the time?

Here are the tools for today, questions to change the energy in any situation:

  • What possibility is this presenting that I’ve never even considered?
  • What demand is this placing in my world to create the world I’d really like to see?
  • What if you realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s your contribution that will allow the world to change?
  • What if it’s all of our contribution together that will allow the world to change?