What If You Are Just Different From Your Family?
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Have you ever felt like you’re different from your family and just don’t fit?

Were you the black sheep and no matter what you did, you couldn’t get your family to see all the amazing choices they had available?

What if you are just friggin’ different? And what if that were okay?

It’s not wrong to be different from your family and to see a different possibility.  Sometimes that is just what shows up when you ARE different than your family members!

There is a common idea that family members are similar and should understand each other. What if this were true for some people, and a myth for others? And for those of you who are not similar to your family, what if that were okay? What if you didn’t have to put pressure and expectations on yourself to be liked by them, nor did you have to rebel against them?


Fighting to be right

What are you fighting to be right about that if you no longer had to be right about it, could give you the happiness with your family you always knew was possible?

This amazing question is one of the infinite questions that comes out of an Access Consciousness Foundation Class… the class that is a choice to take after the Access Consciousness Bars Class.

In the Access Consciousness Foundation Class, you realize you don’t have to be normal, average, or like anybody else — including your family! What if you are weird and that is your superpower? Not everybody has the desire to be weird, but that doesn’t make your weirdness less valuable!

If you can acknowledge you are weird and that your family is possibly more interested in being normal, you can be weird, they can be normal, and you can be in allowance of them and you.

If you choosing for you wasn’t considered choosing against someone else and didn’t need to be framed that way, what would you desire to create as your life?


And for more information about the Foundation class, visit here. We have one coming up this week in Brazil! I’m so excited to be facilitating this with my best friend, Gary Douglas, and you’re highly invited. 🙂