What If You Didn’t Have To Get This Reality Right?

Have you ever wondered what else is truly possible? WHAT IF YOU COULD FREE YOUR MIND, STRESS AND ANXIETY – even if you think you’ve tried everything? >>

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What if all and any of the crap you’re creating is based on this reality’s point of view? What if you didn’t have to get this reality right anymore? Truly!

This I know: There is something possible so far beyond this reality… something easier… gentler… kinder and way more fun!

Would you like to start getting access to that?

Would you like to start melting the fight-mode that this reality puts us in?

If so…

#1. Watch this latest installment of the Tour of Consciousness from Noosa, Australia…

#2. Use the darn question: What beyond this reality acknowledgement am I not giving myself that would allow me to have a life of total ease, joy and glory?

Ok, those were today’s marching orders!


Yours truly,

P.S. For more of my adventures throughout the world and more tools, please visit my Tour of Consciousness page.